Ciencias Sociales

Ciencias Sociales

domingo, 4 de marzo de 2018

Viaje a Madrid de 2º de Bachillerato - 6/9 de marzo de 2018

Accede a la aplicación del mapa de Madrid desde aquí. También puedes hacerlo desde tu cuenta de arcgis y el grupo creado a tal efecto.

                                                 Mapa digital

domingo, 11 de febrero de 2018

Spanish Romanesque map - Mapa del Románico español

domingo, 4 de febrero de 2018

Romanesque and Gothic

Romanesque and Gothic are the artistic styles developed in Christian Europe between the 11th and 15th centuries. It is imposible to come to understand the mentality, the way of thinking, the society of the Medieval Era without studying their artistic manifestations. To understand the significance of both styles, we are going to carry out a set of activities during the following three weeks; and at the end of this unit you will be able to:

1- Understand the importance of the Church in the Middle Ages.
2- Identify the characteristics of Romanesque art and architecture.
3- Identify the characteristics of Gothic art and architecture.
4- Compare Romanesque and Gothic buildings, sculptures and paintings.
5- Understand the expansion of both styles through the European History.

                                                     San Martín de Tours (Frómista)

                                                            Notre-Dame (Paris)

List of activities:
a- Make a summary of sections 2,4 and 5.
b- Make a powerpoint presentation with the information of your summaries and images that deal with it.
c- Define the concepts of the glossary.
d- Make a digital map using “Arcgis on line” locating the most important Romanesque sites in Spain.
e- Complete the timeline locating the most important Romanesque sites of your arcgis map.
f- Voluntary task: Make a list of the 10 most important Spanish Gothic monuments  with their geographical coordinates and location.


Romanesque; Barrel vault; Nave; Buttress; Crossing; Apse; Ambulatory; Capital; Cloister; Altarpiece; Gothic; Pillar; Flying buttress; Rib vault; Pointed arch; Stained glass; Rose window; Pinnacle; Steeple; Gargoyle; Miniature

To define the concepts of the glossary you will have to search not only in your text book (Essential Geography and History) but also in the following links added in the bibliography.


a- Reading:

Essential Geography and History

b- Video: Romanesque architecture Romanesque Art and Architecture What is Gothic Architecture? Romanesque v. Gothic Architecture Gothic Architecture in 2 minutes How to read a Gothic cathedral façade

 February, the 14th, you will take an exam. In this test you will be able to use all the information you have collected from the activities.

La Restauración monárquica (1875- 1898)